VSS Family Service

This year, we’re super excited to have the chance to visit some of the Churches who have watched and engaged with VSS over the past 2 years actually in person! 



So what's the deal?

The Big Non-Virtual Virtual Sunday School Family Service is an hour long family service for the whole Church on a Sunday morning. We’ll look at a Bible story, have some interactive games and a time for worship and prayers. It’s like a fun-filled VSS episode but in real life! And yes there will be pies to the face...

Nat, Rob and Arrietty will definitely be there (Samson is optional!) alongside some of the other team dependant upon their availability. 



What we need…

Once we’ve decided on a date we will send you a booking form with some questions in about your Church so we can make sure the event works for you. 

We’d really appreciate it if you could provide lunch for the team after the service please - whatever is easiest for you … home cooked at Church, at someones house., going out for a meal or simply sandwiches! Once we have confirmed team members for that service we can let you know if there are any dietary requirements. 


And the cost?

As you’re aware we have done VSS for almost 2 years and made it available on YouTube free of charge. We’re hoping these live events will help generate some funds to support the ongoing work of Virtual Sunday School and thus we are asking for a minimum suggested donation of £350 as well as travel expenses.


At the end of the service we will also let the congregation know that we are continuing fundraising for VSS so they have an opportunity to support the ministry as well. 


If you are further than 2 hours from our location we may also require accommodation the night before. 

For enquiries and bookings please email: vss@4Front-theatre.com