Virtual Sunday School

Started in response to the lockdown of 2020, Nat, Rob and the wider team of Jordan, Ollie, Beth and other VSS friends have created well over 100 different videos teaching Bible stories, playing games and challenges, creating fun crafts and getting plenty of pies to the face.

The YouTube channel has grown to well over 7,000 subscribers, and been viewed over half a million times, from over 50 different countries. We’ve had messages of support and encouragement from families and churches all over the UK, and indeed the world.

Check out the channel for yourself!

VSS Montage:

Not so Virtual VSS

As part of the story of Virtual Sunday School, in addition to making plenty of videos online, we’ve had a few not so virtual adventures.

In the Summer of 2020 and again in 2021, we ran a Virtual Holiday Club (you can still find them on our YouTube channel). Filmed in partnership with AllStarsKidsClub in a TV studio, we had thousands of children join us for a week of Summer fun

By 2022, restrictions and limitations had eased, and we decided to join together to host an in-person Virtual Sunday School Family Camp. Over a long weekend we gathered together to learn about the Bible, sing and dance, play games and see Jordan get gunged. And we returned in 2023 with a brand new name - Abound!

In 2022, we were also invited to lead the 8s-11s venue at Spring Harvest, bringing our own style of Bible-based chaos to Butlins in Skegness. Challenges were completed, people were gunged, children gave their lives to Jesus. And we were happy to return again in 2023, and it looks like we’re now a firm part of the Skegness team

- see you in 2024!

So between, Abound, Spring Harvest, and a few other bits and bobs inbetween, don’t be surprised if these days you see Virtual Sunday School being not so virtual!

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