Meet the Team

In 2020, Nat started making videos with the help of her husband Rob, but since then our team has grown to include many other VSS friends!


Virtual Sunday School's leading lady, Nat created VSS in 2020 and you will often find her teaching Bible stories, making crafts and taking a lead on everything Virtual Sunday School. She is married to Rob, and has 2 children, Arrietty and Reuben

Fun fact: Nat is actually part albino


Rob is the musical one, he writes all the VSS songs, and is responsible for a lot of behind the scenes creativity, such as editing the videos together

Fun fact: Rob can breathe fire!


Jordan brings the fun and laughter. He's always up for a challenge or a game and usually getting pied in the face! He also loves telling people his story, about how Jesus saved him from a life of alcoholism

Fun fact: Jordan is an excellent juggler


Ollie is the brainy one in the team, he's technically a lecturer at a Bible college don't you know! Although that doesn't mean he doesn't regularly join in with challenges, silliness and getting gunged!

Fun fact: Ollie can stick his tongue up his nose!


Beth is the creative one, and is always working up a new craft or fun idea. She usually spends her time coming up with new ways for young people to engage with faith, but often joins us at VSS with some amazing crafts!

Fun fact: Beth has swam with sharks


Samson is Nat & Rob's dog. He's a big bouncy doberman, he's big cuddly and daft, and sometimes pops up in VSS videos

Fun fact: As he grew up around a theatre company, Samson knows "on-stage" and "off-stage" as commands

  • Josh

    Our larger than life Scot, Josh first joined us for Virtual Advent Calendar, and is a familiar face at Spring Harvest

  • Chris

    Bringing the funky dance moves, Chris has lent his dancing to many VSS Praise videos

  • Etty & Roo

    Rob & Nat kids occasionally pop up here and there